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1:10 PM 8/3/2020 – Does FBI investigate Ernst Uhrlau? Deutsche Bank launches investigation into longtime banker of Trump, Kushner – M.N.: She is the small fly. What about her boss, Ernst Uhrlau, the Consultant on the Geopolitical Risks and the former chief of the German BND?

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Deutsche Bank launches investigation into longtime banker of Trump, Kushner https://thehill.com/homenews/administration/510209-deutsche-bank-launches-investigation-into-longtime-banker-of-trump#.Xyg_SKhasY8.twitter 

“Deutsche Bank launched an internal investigation into the longtime personal banker for President Trump and his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, a bank spokesman confirmed to The Hill on Sunday.
The New York Times first reported Sunday that the bank was looking into Rosemary Vrablic to determine if she had acted improperly when she and two colleagues bought an apartment for about $1.5 million in 2013 from Bergel 715 Associates.”

She is the small fly. What about her boss, Ernst Uhrlau, the Consultant on the Geopolitical Risks for the Deutsche Bank and the former chief of the German BND, who presumably approved the billions and billions in loans to Trump and Kushner, the debt which was later sold to the Russian bank VTB, a front and tool of the KGB – FSB and other Russian Intelligence Services? 

Does FBI investigate Ernst Uhrlau?
Michael Novakhov | 1:10 PM 8/3/2020

Investigate the investigators in depth! Save America! Reform the FBI now!
By its history and by its nature, the FBI is the half-criminal gang of the half-literate psychopaths. The only thing they care about is their own well-being, not the country. They are not capable and are not willing to understand their complex mission. It is the army of the hired thugs. This assessment had been proven many times over by themselves and by the outside independent observers. FBI destroys America, they are the huge problem, not a solution.
Reform the FBI now! Abolish the old FBI, and establish the new and competent domestic intelligence and law enforcement service.
No new Headquarters for them, they do not need and do not deserve it. The old ones are more than enough. Anyway, most of these psychopaths and criminals should be fired!
Michael Novakhov | 7:30 AM 8/3/2020 
To #US & #Senate: Present #Covid19 #Crisis is direct result of gross #incompetence & #stupidity of #FBI & #CIA. Both could be #penetrated and #subverted. New centralized structure after 9/11 was not a #solution. #INVESTIGATE & #REPLACE them, #ASAP or you will lose this #country
The FBI News Review: Russian Mob – TOC and Covid-19: Attention #FBI, #CIA, #DIA, #NSC: The event such as “COVID-19”: global, complex, defying understanding and the explanations; can be comprehended only if it is viewed as the terrorist BioInfoWarfare.



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