Mass Shootings News Review

11:04 AM 10/6/2017 – Mass Shootings News Review: The squishy definition of ‘mass shooting’ complicates media coverage – Washington Post

11:04 AM 10/6/2017 – Mass Shootings News Review

Saved Stories – None
Are white males responsible for more mass shootings than any other group? – PolitiFact
Crowdfunding campaign for Las Vegas shooting victims surpasses $9.2M – ABC News
Las Vegas survivors have been through hell. And it’s not over. – USA TODAY
Detailed Timeline of Las Vegas Route 91 Shooting Emerges – Billboard
YouTube alters algorithm after searches for Las Vegas shooting turn up conspiracy theories – USA TODAY
Man who sold firearms to Las Vegas gunman Stephen Paddock says there were ‘no red flags’ – The Independent
How will the Las Vegas mass shooting change policing? – CBS News
Las Vegas Shooter Stephen Paddock Was A High-Level Gambler – NPR
Authorities Say Stephen Paddock May Have Plotted Attacks At Other Music Festivals – NPR
Stephen Paddock and the World of Video Poker – The New Yorker
‘I Was Just Going to Bed When the Shooting Started’ – New York Times
He was at Mandalay Bay when he received a text: ‘Active shooter. Go to your room’ – Los Angeles Times
Las Vegas shooter’s girlfriend told investigators she worried about his mental stability – CBS News
Las Vegas Shooter Stephen Paddock Fired at Airport Fuel Tanks During Attack – TIME
A mysterious piece of paper was found in the Las Vegas shooter’s hotel room – Business Insider
ISIS: Las Vegas Shooter Stephen Paddock Became Muslim Six Months Before Massacre – Newsweek
Explosive possessed by Stephen Paddock may have been used in NY bombing – Las Vegas Review-Journal
Mandalay Bay gunman spent two weeks in Las Vegas before killings; researched outdoor concerts in other large cities – Los Angeles Times
Las Vegas shooting: Amid chaos ‘we had one bad guy, and 25000 good guys’ – USA TODAY

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