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Saved Stories – None: 5:25 AM 10/1/2020 – Tweets by ‎@mikenov: A Russian scientist has been arrested in southern Siberia on suspicion of passing tech secrets to China

5:25 AM 10/1/2020 – Tweets 

  1. Sen. Bernie Sanders gives speech on November election  via @YouTube

  2. António Guterres (UN Secretary-General) on accelerating the end of the C…  via @YouTube

  3.  Michael Novakhov Retweeted

    NEW: For the past week, the CDC has stopped issuing new health info related to the novel coronavirus after altering the procedure by which that info was being shared with the American people, sources with direct knowledge of the change told @ABC News. 

  4.  Michael Novakhov Retweeted

    McConnell: “It was unacceptable not to condemn white supremacists” 

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  5. New York workers left behind by pandemic response  via @YouTube

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