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Should Moscow police hand over the Idaho stabbing case?

(NewsNation) — Is the Moscow, Idaho police department being overwhelmed by the case of four students who were stabbed in their sleep?

Former FBI Deputy Assistant Director Danny Coulson said it’s clear the force is too small to handle a case of that magnitude. But he said that doesn’t mean they need to give up control.

“It should be a partnership. That’s the way these cases are saw partnerships between the FBI, local police and the public,” Coulson told NewsNation.

Coulson said he’s confident the scientific evidence police have gathered will lead to the case being solved especially with local police relying on the expertise of the FBI.

“We have guys on site that give him a lot of advice. It’s almost like a hand-holding thing,” he explained.

Even if the evidence collected at the crime scene doesn’t give police answers, Coulson pointed out there are many ways for a case to be solved, including a friend or relative turning in a suspect. That’s happened with big cases in the past, like the Unabomber case, where the suspect’s brother turned him in.

“So there’s a lot of ways this can be solved,” Coulson said, reminding people to be patient.