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What next?

With more uncertainty than ever about freedom of the press on Twitter, and the future of Twitter in general, many of you have asked how to stay in touch if Twitter ends up folding.

The best way to find Palmer Report’s content is always directly on our website – but I know that many of you like to follow us on various social networks. We so much uncertainty about Twitter, Palmer Report is also now posting on three new social networks. If you’re on either of these networks, feel free to click on these links and connect with us there:

Palmer Report on Post

Palmer Report on Mastodon

Palmer Report on Tribel

This isn’t necessarily an endorsement of these new social networks; we’re just giving them a chance and testing them out. We will continue to post our content on Twitter and Facebook as always. And again, the best place to find our content is right here on

I want to keep Palmer Report going forever, through 2024 and beyond. All of our content is always available for free, with no subscriptions or paywalls. But if you can afford to, we do need your help:

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