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Social Blade discloses security breach

Social media analytics service Social Blade disclosed a security breach after a database containing allegedly stolen data from the company was offered for sale.

Social Blade is an American social media analytics platform, the company disclosed the security breach after a database containing company data was offered for sale on a hacker forum this week.

“On December 14th we were notified of a potential data breach whereby an individual had acquired exports of our user database and were attempting to sell it on a hacker forum,” reads a data breach notification. “Samples were posted and we verified that they were indeed real. It appears this individual made use of a vulnerability on our website to gain access to our database.”

The seller is offering a database containing 5.6 million records dated September 2022. The data will be sold only to one or two buyers.

Social Blade

The seller sudocremed also announced that the sale is covered by the escrow service offered by the Breached forum administrators (pompompurin).

“Looking to sell dumped September 2022.

Looking for 1-2 sales then thread will be deleted.” reads the announcement.

The exposed data include email addresses, password hashes, client IDs, IP addresses, and tokens for business API users, authentication tokens for connected accounts, and non-personal and internal data was compromised.

The company pointed out that the credit card data was not exposed. The good news is that passwords are hashed using the BCrypt, a hashing algorithm that is considered robust.

However the company recommends users to change their password as a precaution and remain vigilant to recognize phishing attempts.

This is not the first time that the Social Blade infrastructure was breached, in 2016, the company suffered another security breach.

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