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Canadian company files new proposal for mine in Maine

PATTEN, Maine (AP) — A Canadian company that was rebuked by Maine regulators over a lack of details in a large-scale mining proposal has filed a new petition to develop a mine outside of Patten.

The rezoning proposal dated Thursday was filed by Wolfden Resources, which is seeking a permit to extract metallic ore that is rich in copper, lead, zinc, silver and gold. The so-called Pickett Mountain deposit is east of Baxter State Park and Katahdin Woods and Waters National Monument.

The plan by Ontario-based Wolfden Resources is a test of the state’s mining law, adopted in 2017, that imposes some of the nation’s strictest environmental standards.

“The project will meet those requirements and showcase mining techniques that allow for responsible and safe extraction of metallic minerals that are key to our future,” the company said.

Environmental groups and Native tribes have spoken out against the proposal.

Natural Resources Council of Maine said the petition will be reviewed. “But there is little doubt that a mine at Pickett Mountain would forever damage the clean water and rich natural resources that support the region’s vibrant outdoor recreation economy,” said Nick Bennett, staff scientist.