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Forensic report details how Alex Murdaugh’s wife and son died

(NewsNation) — A newly released forensic report provides gruesome new details as to how Alex Murdaugh’s wife and son were both killed on the family’s South Carolina estate.

Forensics expert Dr. Kenneth Kensey goes into graphic detail in the report on how they both died.

NewsNation’s Special Report: The Murdaugh Mysteries, hosted by Marni Hughes, will break down everything we know about the case, including details of numerous mysterious deaths and allegations of financial and drug crimes. The special report will air on Jan. 22 at 8/9 ET. Here is how to watch.

According to the report, Maggie Murdaugh was discovered facedown and shot five times with a rifle. The report suggests three of the shots occurred while she was standing. The shot that killed her went through her brain.

At least one of the gunshots appeared to be fired while she was “holding herself up on her knees, according to the report. “Her right hand with her shoulders and head down.”

The report also states that Alex Murdaugh’s son Paul was found lying facedown and shot twice with a shotgun, rather than the rifle reportedly used to kill his mother.

The first shot was to his chest, and the most gruesome part of the report shows the second blast went through his neck and shoulder, blowing out his brain and instantly killing him.

Alex Murdaugh’s own legal team provided these new details of the crime scene in an effort to get evidence thrown out of the case before the trial begins.

The forensic report also shows the dog kennels where Alex Murdaugh claims he found the bodies after they were shot to death on June 2, 2021.

“I need the police and an ambulance immediately. My wife and child have been shot badly,” Alex Murdaugh can be heard saying on a call to 911.

Murdaugh, who has been accused of a murder-for-hire plot, embezzling millions from his clients and trafficking drugs, is set to go on trial Monday for the two murders.

The trial is expected to be explosive, as the Murdaugh mysteries have run deep, captivating the county — spurring documentary series and making international news.

Will Folks, a journalist who broke the Murdaugh story and is extensively covering the case and trial, discussed a possible surprise when the trial begins.

“You have some of the most gifted attorneys in the state who are going to be on this case,” Folks said in a preview of NewsNation’s special report. “Dick Harpootlian, who is the lead attorney for Alex Murdaugh, is a guy, just an absolute veteran. We are told that Harpootlian’s opening argument is going to be something to behold. In fact, we’re told that he’s going to flip the traditional script.”