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Ukrainian Marines eliminate 11 invaders in past day


The Maritime Corps of the Ukrainian Navy killed 11 Russian invaders on Friday, January 20.

Which is according to the Navy press services, Ukrinform stories.

Army models of the Marine Command, performing as section of groups, ongoing to perform duties relevant to repelling Russian full-scale armed aggression.

“Last working day, January 20, our Marines removed 11 occupiers,” the assertion reads.

Artillery forces and Maritime Corps inflicted fireplace destruction on the invaders, as a consequence of which the Giatsint-B towed gun and the D-20 howitzer were being wrecked.

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Enemy losses are remaining verified.

As of January 21, Russian military death toll has arrived at almost 120,160 – that’s because February 24. This involves 860 Russian troops killed in motion in the previous day alone.

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