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An actor who stuck thousands of headshots around New York and London has been signed up by an agent

Posters of Medhi Hamadouchi's headshotAn agent contacted Medhi Hamadouchi after seeing his posters in London.

Paul Byram Associates

  • Medhi Hamadouchi found an agent after sticking thousands of headshots around New York and London. 
  • The French actor persevered even after local authorities told him to stop fly-posting, per Variety.
  • “All the stars aligned in this case,” Hamadouchi’s new agent Paul Byram told Insider.

It might have been a decidedly low-tech approach, but plastering thousands of headshots around New York and London appears to have paid off for a French actor.

Medhi Hamadouchi has been signed by an agent who was impressed by his attempts to win attention.

“All the stars aligned in this case and we are all very happy with the outcome,” Paul Byram told Insider.

Hamadouchi, who’s previously only appeared in a short film, first tested the idea in New York. He spent a week sticking up 850 copies of his headshot around Manhattan and Brooklyn, Variety reported.

In September, he did the same in London with 1,000 posters. Earlier this month, Hamadouchi redoubled his efforts with 5,000 headshots stuck on walls in places such as Oxford Circus Tube station. 

The time and expense paid off when Matt Butcher, an agent at Paul Byram Associates in London, spotted Hamadouchi’s posters and scanned the QR code printed on them that linked to his website.

On Twitter, Butcher called the headshot stickers “genius marketing.”

It wasn’t without its challenges, however. Local authorities asked him to stop fly-posting, Hamadouchi told Variety — and he once fled from someone he thought was a council officer. 

After some further research and a “lengthy chat” about his goals and ambitions, Byram said Hamadouchi accepted an offer of representation.

“We evaluated Medhi’s existing work, his skills and experience and they were all appropriate,” said Byram.

He added: “For me, the deciding factor is always the ‘nice test.’ Is this person someone that we would enjoy working with? Medhi came over as a genuinely nice person, and so that is why I offered him [representation].”

Hamadouchi did not immediately respond to a request for comment from Insider. 

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