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Russia preparing for offensive, active information measures as its first signs


Russia is preparing to start the new offensive, and lively details actions meant to intimidate civilians are its initially indicators.

The appropriate assertion was built by Ukrainian National Security and Protection Council (NSDC) Secretary Oleksiy Danilov in his article ‘Putin’s Strategy 2023’ for Ukrainska Pravda, an Ukrinform correspondent reviews.

Danilov believes the Russian management did not abandon its maximalist target of destroying Ukraine.

“Moscow wishes to demolish Ukraine by itself as a historic phenomenon: language, history, lifestyle, bearers of Ukrainian identification. Overall and absolute genocide. Whole war of destruction. The Kremlin is aware: otherwise, Russia by itself will vanish as an unfinished remnant of the tyranny of the earlier, a country of evil and violence. To attain his intention, Putin would like to inflict a military services defeat on Ukraine, strategic in nature and outcomes,” Danilov famous.

In his words, Russian commanders are concentrating sources, bringing up reserves, restoring fight ability and looking for the most vulnerable regions of the Ukrainian entrance.

In accordance to Danilov, the greatest aim for the Russian military services is to crack by way of Ukraine’s defense in operational instructions, these kinds of as the south of Ukraine, full the seizure of the Donetsk and Luhansk regions, seize Kyiv as ‘Putin’s essential fantasy’, and disrupt arms provide routes.

“Russia is planning for the offensive, whose 1st sign, in accordance to the recognized practices, is the implementation of energetic information and facts steps. Right before tanks start off firing, toxic data gases are unveiled, which consist of lies, manipulations, fakes and disinformation, activation of agents of the information and facts entrance,” Danilov stressed.

In his phrase, the enemy needs to break the will of Ukrainians and sow distrust in the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

“They want to intimidate us, as they can’t earn on the battlefield. We need to don’t forget this,” Danilov mentioned.

In accordance to Danilov, Ukraine in February 2023 is wholly distinctive from that in February 2022. Now, the region has unprecedented world-wide aid, multibillion assist, and  the West is united. Most importantly, there is the Ukrainian spirit of independence, and the political country has shaped that tasted victory.

At the exact same time, Danilov believes that it is not nonetheless time to rest, because there are quite a few trials, blood, deaths and tricky operate ahead.

In his words, the enemy is potent and insidious. Russia however has missiles and tons of ‘military steel’ left. Russian troops are finding smarter, getting expertise and mastering from their issues.

However, Russia is doomed to shed. The historical mission of Ukraine is to finish off the chimera of the write-up-imperial development, to destroy without end the extremely notion of imperial Russia. After that, Russia must come to be an ordinary nationwide point out, deprived of colonies, or get fragmented, Danilov stated.

“In order for the environment to get rid of a worldwide danger, Ukraine is shelling out the highest achievable price – this is our sacrifice on the altar of flexibility and democracy. We will stand, simply because our destiny is to be free of charge!” Danilov concluded.


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