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 Las Vegas Shooting 

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2:32 PM 10/5/2017 – M.N.: Casinos, professional gambling, and Mafia are like the proverbial horse and carriage:
M.N.: Casinos, professional gambling, and Mafia are like the proverbial horse and carriage, with the abundance of various “Bonds”,  the James varieties, and otherwise. 
Paddock (do note the meaning of this name) may not be a typical mass shooter (if there is such an entity) but his case does have the common features with the other presumed perpetrators in mass shooting cases.


The “Online Psychological Manipulation Hypothesis” in the cases of mass and active shooting

[Provisional and preliminary “working” Profile of Mass or Active Shooter – by Michael Novakhov – M.N. – reviewed on 10.9.17]

  • Absence of the apparent and/or direct motive
  • Addiction to computing and/or video games (in Paddock’s case, video gambling, video poker), with possible influence (some kind of the sophisticated manipulation, or “prepping”, or “priming”) on the vulnerable and susceptible person’s mental and psychological functioning online (!!!) by the “psychotronic“, or similar, or other techniques, as a part of the package of studying and influencing the individual’s “online behavior”, including possibly for purposes of  manipulations of voting preferences and behavior (see also “Cambridge Analytica“), among the other purposes, more sinister and dangerous ones, as in mass/active shooting.
  • Human handler (the presence of the somewhat odd “significant other”, the “sphinx”), possibly used for the direct control (of which the handler might be completely unaware), corrections, and the directions of the targeted individual’s behavior. 
  • Taking the psychiatric medication, (Valium in the case of Paddock), or the overt, documented, or in some other ways, definitely present psychiatric or neuropsychiatric illness or condition, which makes the individual susceptible and vulnerable to online manipulations. 

These criteria have to be studied, amended and/or expanded, and either confirmed, including statistically and by the case studies, or refuted. 
Attention FBI: Your best bet is to invite me (M.N.) to head a special criminological lab to study and to solve (if possible) this painful puzzle and this bleeding problem. I doubt that you can do it by yourselves; if you could, you would do it a long time ago. 


Place, scene, and the timing should be noted: the season of Jewish Holidays, with Sukkot starting on October 4, 2017
“Sukkot or Succot (Hebrew: סוכות‎‎ or סֻכּוֹת, sukkōt, commonly translated as Feast of Tabernacles or Funeast of the Ingathering, traditional Ashkenazi pronunciation Sukkos or Succos, literally Feast of Booths) is a biblical Jewish holiday…” 
Do note the pronunciation: in Russian, it sounds like “sukas” – bitches, a term applied to a “vor” – criminal, who cooperates with the authorities. 
The Las Vegas shooting may contain a message to those members of the Russian Mafia (probably from their Boss), who were arrested recentlyincluding in Las Vegas, to keep their mouths shut and not to cooperate with the Mueller Investigation, otherwise, they will be “sukas” and will be killed.  
Most likely, this hypothetical message is in addition to the other messages, maybe more obvious ones, in this gruesome “package”. 
Michael Novakhov 
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The Global and The US Domestic Terrorism Incidents, The Mass Shooting Incidents, and The Incidents of Shooting at the U.S. Police Officers: Comparisons and The Illustrations for The Statistical Analysis – by Michael Novakhov

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As police killings rise, society suffers - Editorial from "The Ledger" - 11.26.16
As police killings rise, society suffers – Editorial from “The Ledger” – 11.26.16: Lisa Tuozzolo at the funeral on 11.10.16 for her husband, Sgt. Paul Tuozzolo killed on 11.4.16 in the Bronx, NY. 

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Who plays in the "Bunny Friend Playground"? The groundhogs.

Cyber Wars – June 2015

Cyber Wars - June 2015
Was FBI operational data hacked? – Google Search | Report: Chinese Hackers Got Into FBI Personnel Files: “Then again, maybe it was Russia – pretending to be China.” | Obama Ignores Red Line Amid Chinese Cyberattack – Investor’s Business Daily – ‎16 hours ago: “Cyberwar: The damage done by Chinese hackers grows worse by the day, with news that they stole a treasure trove of blackmail-worthy material on those with high security clearances. What’s Obama’s reaction?” | NSA Chief: Don’t Assume China Hacked OPM | Cyber Commander: OPM Hack Highlights Data Theft Danger: “Adm. Mike Rogers, who is also director of the National Security Agency, declined to name China as the main culprit in the attacks but would not reveal who the intelligence agencies believe conducted the intelligence-gathering operation. Asked after a speech on what basis Cyber Command is linking the OPM hack to China, Rogers said: “I’m not going to accept the assumption” that China played a role in the cyber attacks. “First of all I’m not going to get into the specifics of attribution,” the four-star admiral said at a conference in Washington called GEOINT 2015. “That’s a process that we’re working through on the policy side. That’s ongoing. 

“Russian Intelligence is an Equal Opportunity recruiter: “Left and Right, Black and White…”

"Russian Intelligence is an Equal Opportunity recruiter: "Left and Right, Black and White..."
Link Exposed Between Charleston Killer And Haters’ Convention In Russia | Report: Russia’s right wing is egging on Texas’ secessionist movement 

Russia’s intelligence war against the West

Russia's intelligence war against the West
“Across Europe and the Euro-Atlantic area, Russia’s intelligence offensive is being conducted with increasing determination and sophistication. This is a smart and modern war that goes well beyond the traditional intelligence requirements of “need to know” concerning the intentions of enemy countries, which in President Vladimir Putin’s mind includes any country opposed to his expansionist ambitions. It draws on a Russian intelligence tradition that stretches back to the Tsarist era and includes techniques of political warfare in addition to regular intelligence gathering. The Bolshevik secret police, the Cheka, called these “active measures” and used them to promote its revolutionary goals abroad. They included everything from political assassination to the covert use of propaganda.” – Russia’s silent war against the west | News Review 

Permanent Global Multidimensional Warfare As Russian Military-Political Strategy – Review

Permanent Global Multidimensional Warfare As Russian Military-Political Strategy - Review
General Valery Gerasimov, the current Russian Chief of the General Staff: “The very “rules of war” have changed. The role of nonmilitary means of achieving political and strategic goals has grown, such new-type conflicts are comparable with the consequences of any real war. The focus of applied methods of conflict has altered in the direction of of the broad use of political, economic, informational, humanitarian, and other nonmilitary measures – applied in coordination with the protest potential of the population.” 

Dark Flows The Red Stix

Dark Flows The Red Stix
“We hear a lot about the Russian Mafia and its links with the Russian State. Remember how the US State Department’s Wikileaks transcript described Russia as a Mafia State? What we don’t hear so much about is how it operates and what is being done about tackling it. Is enough being done, and if not, why not? – Tackling Russian Trans National Organised Crime” – GRU (Russian Military Intelligence Service) and International Organised Crime – Web Review 

US Mass Shootings, “Mind Control”, and “Special Operations”

US Mass Shootings, "Mind Control", and "Special Operations"
“The number of incidents in which a shooter opens fire on a crowd of people more than doubled over the past seven years compared with the previous seven, the FBI found in a study made public Wednesday. The Federal Bureau of Investigation analyzed 160 “active shooter” incidents from 2000 through 2013 to look for common elements that might guide law enforcement officers in preventing the shootings or responding more effectively.” ‘Active shooter’ incidents on the rise – Web Review – by Mike Nova 

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