Mass Shooting Episodes – 2017

 San Antonio church shooting – 11.5.17:

2:13 PM 11/7/2017 – Interpretation update: 

Sutherland Springs Only Happens to Be in Texas“, and it produces a lot of “Joan Sutherlands”, such as “Papa-whom?”, etc., who are ready to sing their arias in Mr. Mueller’s opera. Remember, what happens to these singers. “Son, how un-tony-o!”

And by the way, the happy 100-th anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution! 

M.N.: Interpretation: “Son, Un-tony-o”. – 11.6.17
2:13 PM 11/7/2017 – San Antonio church shooting – News Review Update
Media image for shooting at a Colorado Walmart from CNN Shooting at a Colorado Walmart – News Review – 11.2.17