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FBI joins investigation into murder of University of Idaho students — with multiple suspects still possible


MOSCOW, Idaho — The FBI has joined the investigation into the gruesome stabbing murders of four University of Idaho students — as prosecutors warn that the killer, or killers, are still at large.

Moscow Police Chief James Fry said the FBI has joined the Latah County Sheriff’s Office and the Idaho State Police to investigate the bloody murders, which happened at the students’ off-campus home.

“Currently, we have 25-plus investigators working this case,” Fry said. 

The murderer is “still out here,” Fry added, noting that “investigators are continuing to collect evidence at the scene.”

Meanwhile, Latah County Prosecuting Attorney Bill Thompson said, “It certainly is possible” there is more than one suspect on the “Today” show Thursday.

Final photo of the victims, pictured just hours before their untimely deaths.The four victims just hours before their deaths.kayleegoncalves/Instagram

The murders of Ethan Chapin, 20, Madison Mogen, 21, Xana Kernodle, 20, and Kaylee Goncalves, 21, on Sunday rocked the school community, with police describing the crime scene as the “worst they’ve ever seen.”

All four of the victims are said to have been stabbed to death in the early hours of the morning while their two roommates were upstairs.

Blood oozes out of the side of an off-campus home
Blood oozes out of the side of the off-campus home.
James Keivom for NY Post

Officers investigate the deaths
Officers investigate the deaths of the Idaho students.

Authorities revealed Wednesday a 911 call wasn’t made until hours later, saying they could not give a reason why, and would not reveal who made it, citing the open investigation. 

A police officer stands by a memorial in front of an off-campus home where four University of Idaho students.A police officer stands by a memorial in front of the off-campus home where the four University of Idaho students lived.James Keivom for NY Post

Initially the local police said they believed the attack was “targeted” and there was no immediate threat to the local community — but now appear to have backtracked.

Media members gather as Chief James Fry speaks during a press conference about a quadruple homicideChief James Fry speaks during a press conference about the deaths. AP

Although the FBI is best known for investigating interstate and federal crimes, it is often brought in to assist smaller police forces when a crime of magnitude happens, as it has access to resources and technology a local force may not.

Latah said Thursday that “investigators do not know who that person is,” referring to the murderer.

Here’s the latest coverage on the brutal killings of four college friends:

Police are also in search of a murder weapon, and believe it might be a “Rambo”-style knife, a local store owner said.

Moscow Building Supply general manager Scott Jutte told the Idaho Statesman that a police officer came into his store to inquire about the sale of a KA-BAR brand combat blade.

Investigators gather evidence at an off-campus home where four University of Idaho students were stabbed to death on Thursday, November 17, 2022 in Moscow, Idaho
Investigators gather evidence at an off-campus home where four University of Idaho students were stabbed to death on Thursday, November 17, 2022 in Moscow, Idaho.
James Keivom for NY Post

Investigators gather evidence at an off-campus home where four University of Idaho students were stabbed to death on Thursday, November 17, 2022 in Moscow, IdahoJames Keivom for NY Post

Investigators gather evidence at an off-campus home where four University of Idaho students were stabbed to death on Thursday, November 17, 2022 in Moscow, IdahoJames Keivom for NY Post

Investigators gather evidence at an off-campus home where four University of Idaho students were stabbed to death on Thursday, November 17, 2022 in Moscow, IdahoJames Keivom for NY Post

Jutte said the knife in question was used by US Marines in the 1940s and is “similar to the knife Rambo has.”

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The New Abwehr Hypothesis

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from The News And Times.

1:04 PM 2/15/2021

Image result for The New Abwehr - German Hypothesis of the major historical events after WW2 - By Michael Novakhov


The New Abwehr Hypothesis

The 9/11 was inadequately investigated and incorrectly and superficially diagnosed. The price was the twenty years of relentless Hybrid (Intelligence) War attacks, large and small, deadly and symbolic, intimidating and threatening in their nature and directions. This undeclared, invisible, masked Cold War 2 culminated in the Trump PresidencyCorona Pandemic (I think the connection is present), and the Capitol Riot of 1.6.21. The same mistake of the inadequate investigation, committed again, can be very costly. It very well might be the existential threat, in its various aspects. 

“All roads lead to Putin”, Nancy Pelosi diagnosed the situation in five words. I agree with her, it is almost obvious. I will take this Interpretation a couple of steps down the same logical road: 

1. Putin is the agent of the German Intelligence, which is in alliance with the elements of the Russian Intelligence Services, the Russian Mafia State, which are the KGB revived, and with the Russian Jewish Organized Crime, the TOC. 

2. I came to believe that the German Military Intelligence after WW2 played the major role in all the historically significant World events and made inroads into the other services and the Government structures, including the FBI, the CIA, the State Department, etc., etc. The structures of the Russian State were penetrated in a similar fashion, however more secretively, carefully, and discreetly. I call this the New Abwehr Hypothesis of the major World events after WW2

3. I believe that behind the 9/11 is the the hypothetical, very powerful and skillful structure of the New Abwehr. They use the Arabs, the Russians, the Chinese, the Israelis, and others as their covers. 

4. I think that the New Abwehr hypothesis has to be researched and investigated in the utmost depth. You cannot cure or even help the illness if your diagnosis is incorrect. It makes it worse. And there were a lot of incorrect diagnoses in both the Medicine and in the Intelligence Work. Not the political correctness but the complete and total independence in the Intelligence and the Counterintelligence Analysis. Speak Truth to Power. 

The Delphic Truths are the greater truths. They are the intuitive correct diagnoses, the sacred whispers, the dreams coming from the depths. They are the Essence, they are the Truth. Their coherence and internal consistency, logic and knowledge differentiate them from delusions and conspiracy theories. However, these Delphic Truths have to be checked out and convincingly translated and proven in clear and evidence based concepts and language. 


Michael Novakhov | 1:04 PM 2/15/2021

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The New Abwehr – German Hypothesis has to be investigated, very thoroughly, and in depth! | #TweetsByMikeNov – 8:15 AM 2/1/2020



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Famed Portland goats let loose in protest of homeless sweep

PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — A herd of city goats well-known in Portland, Oregon, were temporarily set free Tuesday morning in what appeared to be an act of protest against a planned sweep of a nearby homeless encampment.

The fence of the goats’ enclosure in north Portland was cut, allowing them to get out. The Oregonian/OregonLive reported that the co-owner of the Belmont Goats nonprofit, Robin Casey, found a note rolled up inside the fence.

“In what reality is the comfort of five goats valued over the shelter of more than fifteen people,” the news outlet reported the letter as saying. “So, it’s time for the Belmont Goats to enjoy a little walk in the park.” It was signed by “some anarchists.”

Casey said all the escaped goats have been retrieved and appear to be healthy.

The incident came amid tensions in the neighborhood over city plans to build a tiny home village.

Portland officials announced last year that they had selected the site where the goats currently live, on city-owned land, for tiny home village and affordable housing projects. They agreed to relocate the goats to another area nearby. But the spot where the goats are supposed to be relocated to is home to an encampment where more than a dozen people live.

The city has been providing outreach to the encampment residents for about six months, at least twice a month, said Cody Bowman, spokesperson for Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler. The residents were offered shelter beds, free rides to a shelter and storage for their belongings, among other services, he said.

“This long-term cleanup effort is to allow for the development of a new safe rest village location,” The Oregonian reported Bowman as saying. “The senseless incident that occurred last night caused damage to private property and posed an immediate threat to the goats who were released. City staff has been in contact with Belmont Goats since early this morning to help the staff bring the goats back to safety.”

The note left in the fence claimed that those living in the encampment were just told to call 211, the human services hotline, for information about shelter resources. Over the past few years, many have reported that calling 211 often fails as a connection to shelter or other resources, according to The Oregonian/OregonLive.

Belmont Goats co-owner Casey said the nonprofit has a good relationship with the people living in the encampment.

“They are our eyes and ears. I’ve had one of the campers call and say they’ve noticed one of our goats was limping. And last summer, there was a fire, and the fire department wasn’t able to respond quickly. But one of the campers had a fire extinguisher and put our fire out,” the news outlet reported Casey as saying.

“We don’t want anybody swept, but we don’t have much control over it,” Casey said. “We want humanity, and we want the people taken care of, and we want people to have some place to go, and we want to advocate for them. We are on their side.”

While there were initial media reports that a goat died after being set free, Casey said the death was not related. An older goat died Monday morning after a long illness, nearly a day before the fence-cutting, Casey said.